The gift is given.

A grey, early morning made ever brighter by the happy Mac team showing up at our door at 6am. 

We started with this:


Did some of this:



And ended with these:



I’ll be honest — I haven’t been back to see if the pieces are still up, though I did get confirmation that they were still there 5 hours after we installed them.  And, yes, we intentionally left the bottom parts uncovered.  These benches get used, and used well, and we didn’t want to make anyone feel particularly un-welcomed from sitting on Their Bench (those of you who go to religious institutions will understand the This Is Our Pew mentality).

Talking with Mum Mac at church later this morning, and mentioned that unlike last year, when we felt a bit demoralised by the instant removal of our pieces, I have to knit and crochet and sew everything together and install with the motives of a gift giver and not a Scrooge.  A lot of time was put into these pieces, but so are most projects and hand-made gifts, and we don’t usually have the right to check up and make sure they’re being properly appreciated.  So it is with these.

And now, the problem (as it usually is), is to ask “Where next?”  I’ve got random pieces in the wings, waiting to stretch their stitches in the real world, but no idea where to put them.

Until then…


Thanks to Dad Mac for the pictures!


Easter plans!

Concocting a plan for Easter morning!  Our first yarn bomb was on Easter morning last year, and it seems only proper to remember that fun experience by doing another!

Can you help? Looking for 11″ granny squares OR for the more adventurous, 22″ strips, any width.  Let me know if you’d like to help or help install early on Easter morn! Coffee and breakfast guaranteed for all who help 🙂

Love another day

Nothing like a 5a.m. yarn drop to get the body up and ready to go!  An added plus is the jog I got between fence posts…

If you found one today, we’d love to hear where you picked it up!  Drop a line in the comments!

A few highlights of the 30 or so that were given out to the world…


Powerscroft Rd.


For those in Homerton Hospital, who need some extra love, and for those who work with or visit patients there as well…


Churchwell Path along St John-at-Hackney